Our Mission

We keep it safe, we keep it clean
You put careful thought into what you consume and we do too. We provide cannabis extracts with unrivaled consistency through our implementation of the most innovative processes and technology. Our products adhere to the highest standards starting with our facilities and highly skilled personnel.

Attention to detail matters
We dot our i’s and cross our t’s through all processes and protocols from seed to sale ensuring that we deliver a premium grade product to patients.

Consistency before all else
Consistency of thought, purpose, and action is evident in every product we produce. All of this ensures that you can rely on HOLOH for health, balance, and wellness each and every day.

Our commitment
We pride ourselves on our integrity, transparency, and emphasis on the research, education, and science behind cannabis. We equip our patients with all of the information they need to thoroughly enjoy and appreciate our products.

Our Products

We create a variety of products for individuals with expectations to fit each patient’s unique preferences and lifestyle. HOLOH products are safe, consistent, and reliable. We third-party laboratory test all products and provide results to ensure patients receive the cleanest and safest experience possible.

Our Commitment

HOLOH makes a commitment to all patients to ensure they receive the cleanest and most consistent cannabis products. We place heavy emphasis on the education and science behind everything we produce. On every package, we provide a tamper-evident seal with a QR code to empower patients to scan and see the laboratory test results as well as other information about the product they have in their hands.

Testing Standards

We conduct in depth lab testing on all of our products and strictly adhere to the Arizona Department of Health Services required testing standards. HOLOH’s testing standards have been in place since our products first entered the market. We have always believed that all cannabis products should all be tested before patients use them to medicate.

We test each batch for:

  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Residual Solvents
  • Pesticides
  • Microbials
  • Heavy Metals

Our Methods

HOLOH’s mission is to provide Arizona Medical Cannabis patients and recreational patients the highest quality and purity in extracted oleoresin products. We believe that there is a right way to make extracted products and we take pride in doing things in a safe and responsible way. We specialize in hydrocarbon extracted concentrates in both Cured and Live Resin form factors. Our lab in Payson is specifically designed for Hydrocarbon extraction, where we use only laboratory grade gases, and all of our lab personnel are trained and certified in safe Gas Handling and Hydrocarbon Extraction.You can get drugs from the comfort of your desktop.

We stay on the cutting edge.

We personally build our production facilities to meet the highest standards possible. We stand at the forefront of product development in a quality controlled environment. From plant/product handling and sanitation to laboratory testing, we ensure that patients receive products that are exceptional and exceed their expectations.

We go above and beyond.

By emulating the conditions found in nature through strict control of the cultivation environment, we create an ideal atmosphere for the cannabis plant to thrive. From the time taken with the plant itself through extraction and packaging, our methods provide patients with safe, reliable, and consistent product.

Nature +
Science +

Equals healthier, reliable product.

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